91% love it
Vast disco where worlds unite
Amerika is a mega-disco, and undoubtedly the most popular gay club in Argentina. Lines are long, and the crowd is made up first and foremost of gay men but with a smattering of trans, lesbians, and even straight boys thrown in just to make it even more interesting. The music varies from dance floor to dance floor.


    • mascmuscle35
      mascmuscle35 Over a year ago

      Fun place
      We paid a small cover charge with free beer and booze!!! The crowd was young. Argentinians are not has hot as Brazilians, just a warning

    • Kiwi_Guy
      Kiwi_Guy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fun Place: Interesting People
      Other than the very late starting time (which is normal for BA clubs), I had a blast both nights I went to this club. I went on a Friday night. Entrance was $80 pesos (about US $20) and ALL the drinks on their 'special list' were free. I drank rum/coke. Make sure you tip the bartenders well... They remember you and will look after you. Good music both nights. It does get quite crowded quickly. If you smoke, the bathrooms were unofficially 'accepted' for this activity, and to cruise. A wide range of ages for everyone's taste. I wouldn't say it's the 'biggest' club I've ever been to, but certainly has an energy off the walls. Highly recommend it. Reasonably safe location. Good staff. Good value for money. A

    • Drew2214
      Drew2214 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      It's always a party at Amerika
      We were in Buenos Aires in January 2012 and went to Amerika twice. This is what a club should be. The energy was bouncing off the walls. It's suppose to be a gay club but there are a lot of straight people too. Plus a far amount of transexuals. It made for one big, fun melting pot. On Friday night the music is mostly latin recording artists, Saturday is more mainstream American and European artists. Be prepared for bubbles, balloons and rain on the dancefloor as well as sexy male and tranny go-go dancers. One of the upstair balconies has a 2nd dance floor that plays different music. There is also the "tunnel" a back room area for those so inclined. Don't even think about going before 2AM. The cover was 80 pesos (less than 20 dollars USA). Once inside beer and soda was free and cocktails were 5 pesos. Even if you don't like to dance, you can go up to one of the balconies and just watch the crowd. It was pure entertainment.

    • freestyler1
      freestyler1 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Awesome place
      only $80peso's door cover, then all you can drink until 5am (when bar closes) this inlcudes, beer, wine, spirits - 3 levels, great music & people. you wont be disappointed - a must see

    • Sydhung
      Sydhung Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Not gay all week
      due to competition from Human and Glam Amerika has gone straight except for Sundays which is the only gay night

    • torch
      torch Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Aside from the hot dancers that danced under sprinklers that also got everyone else on the dance floor wet, the club is a tad bit too straight, too big and too impersonal. I went on a Friday night and make sure to check out the "Pink Point" - LGBT tourist information for pointers and coupons for discounts. Overall neat to check it out at least once, but there are better clubs.

    • mascguy
      mascguy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Really not as good as rated
      A couple of people gave this really high praise and I thought it would be fricken' awesome...and it absolutely sucked. I tried to give it a chance...but could only stand the club for an hour. Too many girls, too many drunks, a really weird layout, bad drinks (drinks are included in the price). It may have gotten better later on (I left at 2pm)...

    • placev
      placev Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Amerika=3rd world service
      I went, had a great time but lost my phone. I called many times and no answer. So i decide to go back to check and see if the phone was found or if i could do a quick search for it. I asked and security took me to the lost and found counter. I asked the guy if he had found a phone snd he said no, in a very terse way. I asked if i could do a quick search and he said no because they already looked. I then said that i wanted to be sure and the security guy said no, explaining that if it was found, it would be at the lost and found counter. So i pay the entry fee to satisfy my need to be sure. I didn't find it, but i felt better. I do think that if Amerika understood goodwill and service they could have easily let me take 5 mins to check for myself. I suppose if Argentina was logical, it would not have the problems it has had. Probably a far stretch to compare the poor attention to my concern at Amerika to the problems of the country, but if the shoe fits....

    • nath
      nath Over a year ago
      Loves it

      best time
      The music was great they really pump up the music to get crowd going it just went off. there is something there for everyone. dark room which was in full swing later on in the night. The club doesn't opened until 2am and on friday and saturday nights with your cover charge free drinks all night which is bonus.

    • Tourinvader
      Tourinvader Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great club
      This place is huge. It's pretty dead until 2am, feels like a straight bar until 3am (straight couples kissing everywhere) and then by 5am the gays have 80% taken over the place. The dark room (well almost dark) was a must see, although be warned - thieves are everywhere. If you must carry your wallet or phone with you then make sure you keep your hands in your pockets or else they WILL be stolen! Crowd varies from 18 to 30, with some older guys in the mix too. The free drinks aren't too bad, although a few did taste like mouthwash.

    • toledo16453
      toledo16453 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The BEST club in South America
      Well, it´s been over a month that I went to Amerika and I have to tell you that this was the best club that I have ever been to. I mean, it was huge! There was a cover more than $15-20 US but that also covered all your drinks for the night. Anyways, the place had various levels and was just overall FANTASTIC. I would love to go back there again someday.

      NIKILOSADA Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Here in Buenos Aires, people begin to stream in at about 2 to 3 AM and gets saturated by 5AM> I did not believe my friends and went to this incredible disco at 130 AM, and the re were about 20 people on a disco the size of a football field, constantly bathed I iridescent blue light. 130AM is like the crack of dawn for party time. Most of the crown looked like they came in with fake ids, young virile kids, about 6 feet tall, and a body to mach, and they don’t have bunny gym bodies. I almost seem like here is genetic manipulation. Even guys in their late 50’ are dam sexy looking. By law, all he discos come with a security force that rivals a US presidential visit. Metal detectors, an you get padded down by these 6 feet tall security guys. Drugs abound, and a gram of 90% snow-white cost 60 pesos, 15 dollars. They are no overt, but really distracting, hot eye candy, I am sure not by chance. The music is constant and by 4 AM you can hardly walk in this two level massive disco. There is an area that with soft leather sofas and chairs behind a dark curtain. I though it was additional seating when they have big production shows, until my eyes adjusted to the darkness, and heard, and saw what used to be called dark rooms in the US, and security monitors the activity, make sure it does not get porno-graphic, but allow erotic voyeurism in this area. And no one blinks twice. These Argentinean have the stamina of a prized stallion, and have no hang/ups whatsoever. No attitudes, no walking around being coy, if they like you know it when the feel a hand pressing against your crotch. By 5AM they are go to other clubs open ever till med morning Must be something I the water, I ‘am drinking a lot of it.

    • iverge
      iverge Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Crazy & wild
      This place is very big with multi levels. It's a mixed crowd with gays, straights, trannys, hookers, drag-queens, strippers, drunks.. you can find it all here. The music is more trance than house. Best night to go is Saturday at 4AM.