50% love it
Gay-friendly hotspot for the A-list crowd
Despite its thousand-people capacity, you pretty much need to be on a list (which you can sign-up for via website) if you plan on entering this very hip and renovated gay-friendly space. The reason: Kika is more than just a bar--it offers live shows by up-and-coming local artists, plus an ever-rotating and hip DJ list. Located at the heart of Palermo Hollywood, you will often run into celebrities or the posh A-list type.


      NIKILOSADA Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Beautiful Straight Disco
      Beautiful club, people and music, and tend to have security issues. Gets packed to the max, but is a straight disco and not very gay friendly. Once the straight guys detect you are gay they tend to be quite rude and become stalkers; left within the hour.