Niceto Club/Club 69

75% love it
Live shows, DJs, and performances
Add another gay-friendly bar to the barrio of Palermo, and this one's special. International and local DJs, singers, and bands play regularly, from rock to tango, hip hop, and funk.


    • guitakahashi
      guitakahashi Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Gay friendly but not gay gay
      Club 69 is a cool place, with a lot of space and live performances on a huge stage. Although it's gay friendly most of the crowd is straight, apart from some gay people here and there. The restrooms were a little bit too dark in my opinion, and not pretty. Oh, and the drinks were a little more expensive than in the other gay clubs that I went to.

    • Tourinvader
      Tourinvader Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Great club - but not gay!
      This may very well be gay-friendly, but there were only a handful of gays in the club when I was there. It is most definitely a straight club, but with some performance art thrown in. Like pretty much everywhere else in BA it gets going after 2am. I'm giving it one star because this is not a gay club at all - even on Thursdays!