Axel Hotels (Closed Permanently)

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GayCities Members report that Axel Hotels has closed
Premiere gay hotel in Buenos Aires
Located in between San Telmo and the Microcentro, the Axel Hotel in Buenos Aires is perfectly situated for visitors: Lorida ped Calle Festrian street is a few minutes away, as is 9 de Julio Avenue, the theater district, Callao and more. The hotel also features great room service, fitness center, cocktail bar, live music and a beautiful rooftop pool.


    • Markinsf
      Markinsf Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Bad experience with this place- beware
      My partner and I showed up to find that the hotel had given up our reservation. The staff tried to cover up by blaming the website we booked through. They also offered nothing to smooth over the situation. I would have a back up plan if you are expecting to stay here. Once in the neighborhood there are not many other options but a few generic tower hotels. Beware.

    • buegay
      buegay Over a year ago

      Quality and Professionalism !!! Oustanding !!!

    • surepresentante
      surepresentante Over a year ago

      P in your door is Privacy, L is clean the room and the D badge in your door is Disturb. And after de D Every sexy thing happens...

    • JeffAT
      JeffAT Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Sexy, Chic, Fun place to stay!
      We had excellent service our entire stay at the Axel Hotel. Even after we checked out and left our bags overnight while we went North to visit Iguazu, no problem. The staff new what nights and times to hit the local scene and recommended some excellent restaurants in the area. Drinks at the bar downstairs were fantastic and the staff serving breakfast mornings were always smiling and busy refiling coffees and stocking the buffet. Loved the rooms with the "open" showers and the towel cubbies. The glass bottom pool is overlooking the central stairwell for the entire hotel was very cool!

      NIKILOSADA Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Beautiful Hotel for Recoleta not San Telmo
      This hotel chain has several locations, I visited the one in Barcelona and they seem almost identical; like clones. The hotel has a beautiful Avant-garde clean functional interior, and design. It was well designed and meticulous appointed. Unfortunately the hotel is located in San Telmo; an old Buenos Aires neighborhood, and not in a well-traveled street. San Telmo was touted to be entering a new renaissance period, but it was over-hyped and to date have not come to fruition. The bar/restaurant could be a popular hangout for dinner and drinks as a late (2AM) pre-disco stopover, but the place is far from the frequented gays discos. I visited the hotel, and had dinner several times during the span of four months, but every time I was there I saw only a hand full of people in the hotel. Its a shame because they really have excellent drinks, the food is really good, and service is excellent. Even visiting during happy hours, and on the best days, you could easily count the number of people there. I hope more gays discover this great hotel that caters to the fussiest person and make it a successful enterprise.

    • paris4guy
      paris4guy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      overpriced. very mediocre service and not the "eye candy" that it boasts at all... rooms are just ok... gym, pool facilities are fair... hotel is practically in a no-man's land with any cafe or shop of interest 3-4 blocks away... but my main complaint - i repeat: very mediocre service. why pay for "gay"?

    • Juice
      Juice Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great space, poor service
      I love the decor and layout of this hotel. Some highlights: a pool with a see-through floor so you can see people swimming from below and showers by the pool that look like go-go boxes. The service was awful, though -- I went soon after their opening so maybe they are ironing out the kinks. I really like the n'hood its on. Not the typical gay hood, but one well worth exploring that I might not have if not for the hotel.

    • felipexxx
      felipexxx Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Nice hotel
      USD$300 for a twin room, but clean and with a good design.