100% love it
Gay-friendly restaurant in converted mansion
Follow the link to Milion's official website (available in English) to get a full scope at what this wonderful restaurant has to offer. Secluded in a haunting Buenos Aires mansion with a beautiful courtyard, Milion includes an art gallery, live shows, music, and other events. Besides the food, we would recommend simply going there to impress a date or have a couple of drinks.


    • TunCho
      TunCho Over a year ago

      Recomendable! Buena onda los chicos de la barra! Buena terraza....

    • MimaKaret
      MimaKaret Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Awesome food and ambiance! Very elegant and romantic! Excellent service! I was treated like a queen LOL...I will go back here again hopefully with my king!

    • mascmuscle35
      mascmuscle35 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great food and service --cool funky old house
      Great place, great service, fantastic vibe -- get the dessert.

    • Great place to go and have a drink.
      Very gay-friendly. Beautiful place. Great to go with friends and have a drink. We usually have a great time there.

    • fercho4x4
      fercho4x4 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      amazon place
      A very cool place in a very cool city. Is a plus

    • mattskal
      mattskal Over a year ago

      A great "alternative" gay/straight mix, with a restaurant on one floor, lounge on another and hot, friendly bar on yet another. Outdoor garden in summer as well